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What is Natourism

Natural routes in the north of Peru

Natourism is the fusion ofthe words natureYtours. It can also be defined as the habit or discipline of making expeditions and trips in which nature is the protagonist.



Natouralismo is an ideal ally to explore the north of Peru.  Our staff lives and works in the area,  which makes it easier for us to be in permanent contact with our environment and strengthens our bond with destiny. From our different trajectories we have built a wide and valuable experience that allows us to design a travel experience tailored to each need. The spirit of our work comes from a commitment and a philosophy of living in harmony with nature, therefore we promote responsible tourism. and sustainable.

Our team

Andres Galvez

CEO and Executive Director / +51 987 106 757

Andrés has a degree in communications with a master's degree in Cultural Management. ManageAmazilia Lodgesince 2016 and designs tourist routes from its base, Chachapoyas.

Anthony Garcia

CEO and Director of Operations / +51 941 441 450

Antonio is a biologist specialized in ornithology, one of the most prominent in northern Peru. He combines his time between his scientific expeditions and his vocation for birdwatching, which was enriched by his 4 years of experience as Regional Coordinator ofVIPACAmazon.

Karen Medina

Head of Operations and Reservations / +51 950 952 519

Karen has a degree in tourism and hospitality and was for 4 years head of operations atPacific TravelAmazon.

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Trade name: Natourism

Company name: Amazilia Peru EIRL

RUC: 20601930243

Phone: +51 987106757


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