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About us


Anthony Garcia Bravo

biological director

He is a biologist and has extensive experience throughout northern Peru. Passionate about ornithology, he has promoted the recognition of the Little Inca-Finch (Incaspiza watkinsi) as the emblematic bird of the province of Jaén (Cajamarca). He is also fascinated by herpetology: a species of snake has been named in his honor: the Epictia antoniogarciai. 


Veronica Castillo

Administrative manager

Industrial Engineer with a Master's Degree in Energy Efficiency Management and Architecture and Sustainability. She likes to do a little of everything and after having worked in marketing and business planning at a bank, she decided to change her life to a more natural one and now she is dedicated to creating wellness products and natural cosmetics based on oils and plants.


Andres Galvez Pasco

Chief coordinator

He was trained as a communicator and completed a master's degree in Cultural Management. Since he lives in Amazonas (2015) he is, among other things, an architect, builder, coffee grower, photographer, hotel and gastronomic entrepreneur, as well as an enthusiastic birder, traveler and naturalist. 

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Thibaud Aronson

Principal investigator

He is a French-American biologist with a master's degree in animal behavior, who has been traveling in Latin America for more than 10 years. Photographer very fond of birds, he is writing a book on the birds of Oxapampa (Pasco), and writes popular articles for Natural History magazine.

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Carlos Rojas

Research associate

He is a biologist graduated from the UNTRM (Toribio Rodríguez de Mendoza National University) of Chachapoyas. Her specialty is botany.

honorary members

Miguel Galvez and Patricia Pasco

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Thais Garcia Miro

Peter Lerche

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